Bloons Tower Defense 2

This is the second Bloons Tower Defense Game. With it comes new towers, levels, and bloons. The first thing you will notice about this Bloons Tower Defense is that there are 3 levels of difficulty depending on which level you will want to do. Easy is great for beginners, Medium is great for people familiar with the Bloons Tower Defense games, and Hard is for those looking for a challege. The hard level has two different enterances for the bloons to come through instead of the usual one, making it even more difficult. Each level requires different tower type and tower placement in order to be successful. Along with the levels, there are also new bloons to fend off. The Rainbow Bloon and the Iron Bloon. They both contain two white bloons and two black bloons but the Iron Bloons can only be hit by cannons. This game also provides you with new tower types, like the Boomerang Tower and other items such as glue and road tacks. Enjoy the second Bloons Tower Defense.

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