Bloons Tower Defense 3

They say third times the charm and right here is Bloons Tower Defense 3. This game is on steroids compared to the other two. There is much smoother game play and of course, a new Bloons Tower Defense Game is going to have new bloons, towers, and levels. Pick from 4 unlocked levels to start and chose your difficulty. Each level has its own strategy and some levels are actually easy on hard and hard on easy. If you beat them all on Hard you can unlock the 4 new levels. Every tower now has its own set of 4 upgrades. The Monkey Tower, for example, has double pop and triple pop for one set of upgrades then also long range and super long range as the other. Each Tower has its own unique set of upgrades to make the game even more diverse. This game introduces two new bloons starting with the Ceramic Bloons which are hard to take down and once popped contain a rainbow bloon. The second bloons type is a Boss Bloon. Its a giant blimp that takes a lot to pop, and once popped, it has 4 Ceramic Bloons in it. This gameis a great addition to the Bloons Tower Defense series.

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